Is it just me or are the current bags getting boring?? There’s nothing new out there…

Everywhere I turn I see a Celine Phantom, Luggage Tote, Prada Gallerie, Chanel Flap even the ever so exclusive Hermes Birkin & the Kelly bag are in constant sight so much for them being exclusive….
I love bags!!! Absolutely Love them but when you see them everywhere they kinda lose their edge. What happened to the days of only a few being made & if your lucky you get to be the few who got to buy one just in time. Even shoes seem more exclusive these days. If I don’t get it the day I see them guaranteed I won’t see them the next time. Even the next day or few hours after…..btw typing of shoes selling out… I’m in desperate search for those Chanel Espadrilles. While I was busy in wedding mode they sold out & now I’m soo sad….. If you or anyone you know can get me a size 40 I’ll most appreciate it. 
Anyhooo……Bags, nowadays seem like they’ve become mass produced so many available. 
I don’t own a black bag & I’m in search for a easy to use daily that isn’t any of the above (although… A Birkin or Kelly -my fav btw won’t hurt) looking round and round I can’t seem to see anything. I don’t want a fad ‘it’ bag. I’m not that kinda girl I want something classic & chic. Easy to use & timeless. 
So a few days ago I was in Selfridges & my dear heart skipped a slight beat as I noticed Prada had a new bag!!! *jumping with excitement I jollily skipped in with wide bright eyes……However,on closer inspection there was slight disappointment……..
I like Prada, I think the brand is cool, it has an effortless style, very chic, simple & neat just how I like it but I’m slightly let down. The new bag Dettagli is…ummmm…. Like a Celine Phantom????How? Why? Because?? I don’t get it? What happened? It’s not even in their regular Seffiano leather. 
If it didn’t look like the Celine i’d like this a lot. it’s a cool bag. It’s rugged, easy to carry for a daily & looks durable.  But why??? I’m confused maybe it’ll grow on me. What do you think?
I do like it tho…boo hoo hoooo
Here’s the Celine Luggage Tote & the Phantom

Very similar right?