No one knows where your coming from or where your going and what 2013 holds.

Individually we will likely experience different degrees of highs & lows, so for the approaching new year we should try & be kind and thoughtful to each other, showing love & kindness to make it easier.

I’ve had a good year despite the passing of loved ones and a few low moments. One of the main reasons I can see such good is because this year I’ve learned to look for blessings in the midst of trials. I’ve realised that things pass and with faith they turn to minuscule problems that are even laughed at.

A simple proof is right here: me writing this on the last day of the year! Many people haven’t made it this far. That in its self is one of the most important blessings we can all have. Because I truly believe “Once there is life, there is hope”

I wish you all an amazing year ahead filled with hope, faith, love & joy.

Happy New Year