Every time I see a Nokia advert I always remember a time when they dominated the market. Most people around me had one and there was always a moment of conversation when a new model was released about the latest features, the colour screen, new snakes game and so on.

Fast forward to today, and you find a large demographic mix of old and young with a Samsung, Blackberry or IPhone. Nokia on the other hand is no where to be seen! I’m sure a few people use one as a primary phone but I usually see it used as an additional mobile for Lebara or another one of those international low cost networks.

Let me get to the point. Basically if you have a brand, product or anything in the market it is wise to not only keep a close eye on whats happening but never think your position is safe.

Never get comfortable. Always work hard to improve yourself, product & game!

Take for example Apple. Apple has a large population of the market but who knows what’s next… samsung is already showing strength as a good contender.

I’m sure Serena & Venus share this mantra. Because in every game they play their best never getting comfortable or carried away by all their numerous wins.

Just a random rant that I thought I’d share.