As well as picking the dress, flowers, cake and shoes (All which haven’t been done yet) I’m currently looking at colours that can be used to colour my nails.

Not sure on doing a neat simple French manicure with white tips or have a bold colour such as red.

Being a very indecisive bride to be I’ve just been looking at all types as lets be honest the colour does depend on what colour by wedding dress will be.

While I make up my mind, these shades have caught my eye.

YSL Gris Deco
This is a very light pale grey. Very elegant and neat.
OPI Rosey Future 
Apart from the name being perfect for the occasion.  Its seems like an easy colour to wear as its a very light natural pink and likely to match any shade of wedding dress.
OPI The Thrill of Brazil
Red is my go to colour. It’s always been an all time favourite. I think its feminine, classy and very sexy. 
I use it all the time that the lady who does my nails begs me to try another colour. 
This shade is a brilliant vibrant red with a lot of passion.