Its been a long while since I last posted something as its been an awkward kinda year so far…awkward in a good way though, as I’ve been putting my head down and trying/battling to get myself together with all the things I’m trying to do… trust me it hasn’t been easy, still ain’t easy but the saga continues….

To the good bit —> I’m getting the ball rolling with the jewellery, initially I won’t start with my pieces right away as there’s a number of logistics that need to be in place for it, but occasionally a few pieces will be made available and when they are I’ll let you know….. So, for now I will be sourcing equally amazing pieces from all over the world and making them available to you.

If you have particular pieces you need for a special occasion let me know and I’ll be happy to help source them. Email: info (at)

The pieces featured in the images above are now available (other colours too) and trust me these will look great worn in the evening or day.

This new piece looks great with a favourite classic look I call ‘make your accessories do the talking look!‘ …. A bold statement necklace, a simple white t-shirt, great fitting pair of jeans, a hot bag and heels!