I’m in the process of moving back to Uganda so for the past few months I’ve been scouting department stores, online stores, antique and markets for unique and amazing furnishings for my soon to be home.

In addition to that, because of my amazing taste in all things fab and luxurious, for the past three months I’ve been fortunate enough to splurge on amazingly exquisite items for an Aunt who pretty much had an endless budget for her newly bought house in Uganda.

During this experience I found some amazing furniture houses/designers who create beautiful pieces for those that can afford.

Below are my three favourite luxury design houses.


Great for Art Deco-esq furniture


 Turri is great for traditional classic furniture like this dinning table with 22 carat gold leaf detail.


A must for contemporary pieces with classic lines

All furniture houses can be found at Harrods on the 3rd Floor